Do No Harm – Vets & Pets Ep.9

A horse is being treated for an acute form of obstructive bronchitis similar to asthma. The inflammation of the lungs is an allergic reaction to being kept in an unnatural environment. As it reaches stage 4, the horse’s condition is unfortunately incurable. Now the vets’ task is to make it easier for him to breath, though it’s doubtful this racing thoroughbred will ever see another starting gate. Ruslan explains that it’s important when planning treatment for suffering animals to choose the least disturbing methods possible because you can’t explain to them why they must undergo the procedures. Meanwhile, an ailing old dog is brought in after being found on the street. An X-ray and blood test indicate serious problems with his liver and pancreas, and ultrasound is ordered to look for tumours. Watch this episode to hear Dr Kovacs verdict on the ageing canine and find out which breed of cats don’t like children and why mixed cats are hardier than purebreds.