Vets are made, not born – Vets & Pets Ep.6

Svetlana comes to the New Century Veterinary Clinic to visit her horse, Kamysh. The 18-year-old has a cancerous skin condition that grey horses often suffer from in the later stages of life. Despite a pessimistic prognosis, Kamysh’s owner insists on visiting him every day, as she thinks animals recover better with the support of loved ones – a belief that all of the vets at the clinic can attest. Meanwhile, a dog comes in with a limp whose source isn’t easy to detect. The vets at the clinic are continually learning from each other and pool their knowledge to reach a diagnosis. Chief veterinarian Dr Kovac explains there are no natural born vets – you have to complete a very long training course and need both the desire and opportunity to study. Watch this episode to find out what fate awaits Kamysh, how female horses’ personalities differ from males’, and why all operations are dangerous.