The Law of the Pack – Vets & Pets Ep.5

Irina Grigorieva heard that a horse farm was selling a colt for the price of meat and worried that he might end up on a plate. After rescuing the pony, she discovers he is suffering from an umbilical hernia and a rare congenital eye disease. Although surgery easily resolves the hernia, the condition of his eyes is more serious, and a group of top veterinary specialists gather to see what they can do. Meanwhile, dog owner and trainer Alyona brings in a husky that was attacked by dogs in his own pack. She explains that when two or three dogs will behave like civilised people, but when there’s more than 10, they begin to act like wild animals – and this victim had no friends or allies in the group. Experienced vet Ekaterina explains which animal she considers the most soulful and the marvellous effect horses can have on mentally ill or disabled children. Watch this episode to find out if the rescued colt’s sight can be saved and learn more about the ‘law of the pack’, hippotherapy, and horses’ memories.