Do Animals Have Souls? – Vets & Pets Ep.4

Two puppies from a litter rescued from the side of the road unexpectedly die during the night. The cause must be found, as the other animals at the clinic could be at risk if the disease is infectious. Though some scientists say they have proven that dogs have no souls, Chief Vet Dr Kovav disagrees, arguing that they have distinct characters, can sympathise with humans and other animals, and clearly have feelings shows that they do. Intern Elena says communication with animals is more sincere than human interaction, taking place on the subconscious spiritual level. However, experienced vet Ekaterina says that, while dogs and horses show gratitude for helping them, cats never do… especially to their doctor! Meanwhile, some of the cats at the clinic are getting ready to migrate. Grey striped cats can be found on every street corner in Russia, but are rare, and at a premium in Germany, so many are offered homes there. The country’s entry requirements for feline refugees are stricter than for humans. While the vets are inserting the cats’ identity chips, a particularly wild one bites Elena so hard she’s not sure if she still wants to work at the clinic.