Fate Not Always in Our Hands – Vets & Pets Ep.2

A pony is brought in with a bad eye infection that has been lingering for over a year. The decision is made to remove the incurable eye, but the operation requires the use of a general anaesthetic, which always entails a risk of death. Meanwhile, an elderly dog rescued from a negligent owner is diagnosed with a chronic heart problem that will require her to take medication for the rest of her life. Later, a house cat suffering nerve symptoms is brought to the clinic. Apparently, she’s drunk water tainted with de-icing chemicals from the road. The vets will do all they can to help her, but sometimes fate is out of their hands. 

The clinic’s chief, Milomir Kovac, explains that it’s very depressing for vets to watch their patients die and hard for them to cope with the negative emotions this brings. This high level of stress may explain why the life expectancy of top medical professionals, including those in the veterinary field, is only 60 years of age.