Beware of Strangers – Vets & Pets Ep.8

Mishka, a huge bear of a dog, was found on the side of the road suffering from two gunshot wounds and an axe blow to the snout. It’s hard to know what sparked such a vicious attack, but the vets are doing all they can to help the enormous central Asian sheepdog. Ruslan explains that working with stray animals is more complex than working with domestic pets because homeless animals have often had bad experiences with people. Ekaterina explains that street animals often enjoy their freedom and see vets who put them into clinical spaces as ‘enemy number one.’ On a brighter note, a dog from Bryansk that became an internet sensation after being found without a leg is given a clean bill of health following treatment. Meanwhile, Ruslan explains that every season has its particular ailments, and in winter the most prevalent are trauma injuries. It seems not only humans are afflicted by cabin fever during the snow-bound months, as witnessed by a Chihuahua named Irbis that escaped his flat by jumping out a second storey window – and survived without a scratch!