A Higher Sense – Vets & Pets Ep.10

Chief veterinarian Dr Kovac uses cutting-edge stem-cell therapy to treat the tendon of an ageing horse. This advanced treatment provides the most strength without compromising elasticity. The horse’s trainer, Anna Fokina, explains what prompted her to leave her successful law career and dedicate her life to working with horses. Then, Bugs Bunny pays a surprise visit to the New Century Veterinary Clinic. His owner has noticed some changes in his behaviour and is concerned something could be wrong. Ruslan has to explain to her that, just like people, rabbits change their habits as they get old. Meanwhile, a cat rescued from the side of the road is brought in with an ear mite infection. Finally, Ruslan explains why he loves working with animals. Watch this episode to find out what animal can remove your negative energy, why a higher percentage of pets survive natural disasters than people, and why eliminating animals’ scent glands don’t usually help the stink.