In the Army Now

Joining the 201st Motor Rifle Division & training with ‘Gods of War’ – In the Army Now Ep.12

Anna and Pavel stay in Tajikistan where they join the 201st Gatchina Twice Red Banner Motor Rifle Division. This legendary army unit boasts 70 years of history and has fought in 3 wars, including WWII.

As the new recruits are tasked with military exercises in extreme heat, their commander is confident they won’t last long. Can Anna and Pavel pull a surprise? They are aided by a special uniform, designed to help soldiers withstand high temperatures. But will they also get to wear special military sunglasses or is their existence nothing more than a myth?

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Another doubtful rumour - that soldiers must pass an arduous psychological assault course - seems to be true, although no one will tell them what it entails. To be ready for anything the examiners might throw at them, Anna and Pavel embark on a series of gruelling and often nerve-racking military exercises.

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To begin with, they need to learn to handle shells without causing an explosion. Anna then gets behind the wheel of a tank and tests out some related myths. Meanwhile, Pavel joins the so-called “gods of war”.