In the Army Now

Destroying a ‘terrorist stronghold’ with Russian Marines – In the Army Now Ep.22

Today is D-Day: Anna and Pavel join two teams of marines tasked with neutralising a threat in the hills where a “terrorist stronghold” is based. Pavel’s job is to remove landmines and prepare the ground for Anna’s assault team, who intend to use armoured vehicles to ambush the enemy. Their commander praises their efforts and the two receive the awards they have been working towards ever since they arrived in Vladivostok.

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When their time with the Russian Pacific Fleet’s marines comes to an end, the pair have a chance to relax. Unfortunately for Anna, Pavel’s idea of fun is more military-style exercises. Keeping his colleague in the dark, he enrols the two of them in a “Heroes’ race” competition that involves running long distances, rope-climbing and a lot of crawling around in mud. None of which is normally Anna’s cup of tea. However, when Pavel drops out straight away after being injured, Anna has to take part for the both of them. It turns out to be the hardest challenge she has faced in Vladivostok. Still, Anna refuses to give up, showing remarkable tenacity and will to win.