In the Army Now

Arctic Regiment as testing ground for cutting-edge military hardware – In the Army Now Ep.04

Pavel and Anna’s time with the Arctic Regiment is drawing to a close, but they still have some myths and rumours to check. According to one, the Russian Army sends a lot of cutting-edge hardware to the Arctic to test in the extreme weather and terrain. Anna and Pavel each choose an armoured vehicle and, after being briefed on how they operate, get involved in a race.

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Another myth they’re eager to verify or dispel is that soldiers are forced to clean their barracks with their own toothbrushes! It’s hard to say where this rumour originated, but Anna volunteers to take part in a cleaning session to see with her own eyes what the procedures are really like.

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Finally, as a reward for their service, Anna and Pavel are allowed a day off. Pavel is a keen fisherman, but on this occasion the angling must be subglacial. Anna is tasked with cooking any fish caught, but will have to get by without a stove or any other domestic appliances. Instead, she’ll have to make do with an open fire. Will these two city dwellers manage to lay their hands on and prepare their own food in the Arctic wilderness?

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