In the Army Now

At army survival school – In the Army Now Ep.17

Military service in the Russian Army is compulsory for young men aged 18 to 27, with some exceptions. After the mandatory term is over, they can remain in the army on a contract basis. Women who want to serve in the military can also join the contract army. To become professional soldiers, the new recruits undergo special training. The men build on the skills and experience they gained while they were conscripts, while women learn combat techniques from the very beginning.

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Anna and Pavel are in Nizhny Novgorod region to attend the army’s “survival school” for would-be contract servicemen and women. As the two have already undergone training in several very different Russian Army regiments and even completed the dreaded “psychological assault course”, they feel they know what army life is about. However, they soon discover they still have a lot to learn. Their new commanders prove to be highly demanding when it comes to discipline. They are not impressed with Pavel’s frivolous haircut or Anna’s assortment of grooming products.

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The two will have to toughen up if they are to reach the standard of professional soldiers. To help them make the transition as fast as possible, the commander decides to roll some tanks over them. Before Anna and Pavel can engage in battle with the tanks, however, they need to learn some vital skills. Anna has to throw a live grenade for the first time in her life. Meanwhile, Pavel learns what to do when someone’s trying to choke you to death.