In the Army Now

Operating an APC BTR-82A & frying an egg on armour – In the Army Now Ep.15

 Anna and Pavel continue to serve in the Russian Army in Tajikistan but this time they move to another garrison, 100 km from the capital. Here, in the city of Qurghonteppa, the 191st Motor Rifle Regiment is deployed. The Russian soldiers have to contend with challenging high altitude conditions and scorching temperatures of over 50°C.

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 The journalists’ task is to learn to operate an armoured vehicle, BTR-82A. To do that, they have to work as a team with one of them driving the heavy-duty combat vehicle while the other takes aim and shoots at targets. Anna chooses to go behind the wheel as she’s a confident car driver in civilian life. However, Pavel’s imperfect eyesight may be an impediment to him becoming a sharpshooter.

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They need to split up to learn their individual skills. Once their training is over, they’ll be able to demonstrate their newly-acquired abilities in a joint mission. Before setting off, Pavel wants to take the edge off his hunger and put another myth to the test: is it possible to fry an egg on the searing-hot armour on the outside of an APC?