In the Army Now

Becoming marines with the Caspian Fleet – In the Army Now Ep.7

Pavel and Anna continue to explore the most unusual and remote regiments of the Russian Army.  After completing a two-week posting in the Arctic, they head to the Republic of Dagestan on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The Caspian Fleet is famous for its history, dating back to the days of Peter the Great, the Emperor who founded the Russian Navy. In this episode, the two journalists join the crew of the corvette “Grad Sviyazhsk”.

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Anna is lucky enough to get her own cabin, but there’s no time to lounge about: the ship will sail in two days’ time, and they must both be ready. Marines must be able to tackle any emergency in the open sea, so the two are put through a series of demanding and nerve-wracking exercises. They undergo a literal trial by fire, then have to save their vessel from sinking.

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In an act of mercy, their captain allows them to have the next day off. To relax before setting sail, the new recruits go sightseeing in the city of Derbent. It's the southernmost city in Russia and one of its oldest, boasting 5000 years of history. While Pavel learns about the bloody past of its famous fortress, Anna goes swimming at a local beach. This time apart may do them good as for the next three days they will have to live and work together 24/7.