In the Army Now

Surviving a freezing night in the woods – In the Army Now Ep.19

Anna and Pavel survive in the woods. Pavel had to be a night sentinel after a gruelling day of training. As a result, he got almost no sleep. Another trying day is about to start, but Pavel has no energy for it. Meanwhile, Anna is suffering after a freezing night in the dump forest. She is not used to sleeping rough. As a result, she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Except she had no bed.

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In these conditions, even army food seems delicious. However, the recruits don’t have long to enjoy it:  the enemy ambushes them and they have to fight back, abandoning their meal. Drinking marsh water, digging trenches and a refreshing 5-kilometer run are next on the menu. The rain begins to fall to make their experience just a little bit more miserable. For once, Anna and Pavel agree about something: they both say it’s the worst time of their lives. 

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