In the Army Now

Getting camouflaged up & learning to parachute down safely – In the Army Now Ep.25

Russian Paratroopers are called the “winged infantry” thanks to the way they surprise the enemy from above. They receive their trademark blue berets only after completing their first parachute jump. Anna and Pavel join the servicemen at an airborne training complex where they undergo pre-jump exercises and learn parachuting safety skills. They cover all the dangerous and potentially deadly situations that may occur while they descend.

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Next, the two put on war paint and do their best to blend in with their surroundings. Their camouflage uniforms are covered in mud and topped with dry leaves. This disguise is needed to accomplish some very important missions. Anna’s task is to take down an “enemy sentry” with a sniper rifle. There’s no room for error, as the success of the whole mission depends on making the shot. Pavel leads another group who must wait for this signal to ambush and capture the “terrorists”.

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At the end of the long day’s training, Anna and Pavel undergo a bizarre but fun paratrooper rite of passage. However, even after that, they still have to wait to see if they have done enough to get those coveted blue berets.