In the Army Now

Dressing in 45 seconds & army food test – In the Army Now Ep.02

Pavel is woken up by a surprise drill. This is his chance to find out if it’s really true that soldiers are supposed to put on their uniforms in just 45 seconds. Meanwhile, Anna is in no hurry. She’s hiding out with her squad in the woods, where she patiently waits for Pavel to appear so she can ambush him.

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Afterwards, the two get to test out another myth: that army food is tasteless and barely edible. Anna joins the kitchen staff to see what ingredients they use, while Pavel learns about how food is distributed and what’s needed to sign up to the canteen.   

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Once the meal’s over, Anna and Pavel can’t wait to get into action. Pavel goes on a training session dedicated to first aid and evacuating wounded soldiers from warzones. Meanwhile Anna learns how to shoot a Kalashnikov machine gun and a rocket launcher. She only has a short amount of time to hit the target while being bossed around by no-nonsense military men. See how she gets on.

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