In the Army Now

Psychological assault course final – In the Army Now Ep.16

It’s finally time for Anna and Pavel to discover what the legendary psychological assault course is really about. All the training they’ve received in the 201st Gatchina Twice Red Banner Motor Rifle Division was done to prepare them for this day. The assault course is something every serviceman in this Russian army division based in Tajikistan must contend with. However, as the tests that comprise it are kept secret, there is a lot of speculation about what it entails. Some rumours suggest that it can’t be completed or that it drives people to madness. Anna and Pavel are about to find out whether there is any basis for these concerns.

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The two new recruits each join a three-man group, tasked with a reconnaissance mission. This is not only a highly demanding physical task, but psychological pressure is also applied: shots are fired around them and heavy smoke affects their visibility and breathing.  Anna and Pavel are accompanied by experienced soldiers who are ready to give them a helping hand, but are also relying on the new recruits to perform as part of a team. Will Anna and Pavel cope with the mission or fail completely?