In the Army Now

Training with Russian Paratroopers on the Black Sea – In The Army Now Ep.23

Anna and Pavel are in Novorossiysk on the shores of the Black sea where they join one of the most celebrated Russian air assault divisions. They will be training with paratroopers known as the “Blue Berets”. There are many myths surrounding this branch of the military. The army explorers want to know if paratroopers must get a special tattoo and whether they swim in fountains on Paratrooper Day. They also find it hard to believe that it’s possible to parachute out of a plane inside an armoured assault vehicle. Will any of these myths check out?

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The new recruits are given paratrooper uniforms, including their signature blue and white striped vests. One thing their outfits are missing is a blue beret. To earn it, a serviceman has to complete a parachute jump. Their commanders have dozens, even hundreds of jumps under their belts, but new paratroopers need to undergo extensive training before they are let loose with a parachute.

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Being a paratrooper is not all about parachute jumps, there are many other crucial skills Anna and Pavel have to learn. They start with mastering firearms. From a sniper rifle, to an anti-tank rocket launcher, to a tank itself – they give everything a go. To their surprise, however, training begins with a shooting simulator where they use life-size model weapons seek out the enemy on a giant monitor. Combining business and pleasure, they get to play a videogame while learning to protect their homeland.