In the Army Now

Surviving an MRLS ‘Grad’ attack – In the Army Now Ep.14

The BM-21 truck-mounted multiple rocket launcher, also known as “Grad”, was developed in Soviet times but is still an effective combat system used by the Russian Army today. Anna and Pavel are keen to experiment with firing its multiple rockets in a training area. First of all, they set up targets on hills 3 km away from the “Grad” trucks. While doing this, they come up with an idea for how to test whether a person could survive a “Grad” attack.

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Anna wants to be at the centre of the action: she helps load the rockets and takes a seat in one of the “Grads”, ready to begin the bombardment. Meanwhile, Pavel goes to the control point to check how the “Grads” are aimed. He gets hold of a drone to help with this…now it needs to be catapulted into the skies.