In the Army Now

At the Marine assault course in Vladivostok – In the Army Now Ep.20

Anna and Pavel are in the city of Vladivostok, the home of the Russian Pacific Fleet. They join its 155th Marine Brigade to learn more about their responsibilities which appear to require a mixture of army and navy skills. They will also try to earn the right to wear black berets - the distinctive headwear worn by landing troops.

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As always, they are looking forward to testing some military-related myths. They want to know whether a large armoured vehicle can really float and if so, what the secret is. Another myth is that a single thread can be used to perfect the appearance of a barrack-full of beds. They also brush up on their discipline and learn what happens if you don’t tie your laces properly.

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As they are with the marines, they really have to up their game. The demands of their sergeant mean there is no chance of them slacking off: they’re forced to run an assault course as soon as they arrive, and on Saturday he announces a spring-clean. It looks like getting those black berets will require a lot of work!