In the Army Now

Russian mountain division obstacle course – In the Army Now Ep.24

Anna and Pavel continue their paratrooper training in the city of Novorossiysk on the shores of the Black Sea. Their expectations of enjoying a seaside holiday are unfortunately misplaced as it is still off season and the place is covered in snow.

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Their training begins with a visit to a climbing wall for a crash course in alpinism. The professional paratroopers make it look easy but as Anna and Pavel begin their ascent, they soon discover it is hard work. Anna is far from impressed with Pavel’s climbing skills, but will she be able to perform any better?

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After the indoor training is over, they are sent into the freezing snowy woods to complete a half-natural, half-manmade obstacle course that involves climbing, abseiling and a rope-assisted river traverse. Even after this gruelling exercise, their training is far from over. Paratroopers are tough and Anna and Pavel must keep up. The next skill the two must master is swimming… whilst wearing their military uniforms.