In the Army Now

Bullet trajectories at altitude & mastering the art of lying still – In the Army Now Ep.13

Anna and Pavel continue their preparations for their upcoming psychological assault course. This time, they have to hone their mountain skills. First, they are fitted with bulletproof vests each weighing 20kg. They are then expected to traverse a river by rope. Unfortunately, standing under a scorching sun in heavy uniform proves too much for Anna.

Next, it’s Pavel’s turn to discover that he may not be as ready for military life as he thought. His idea of a relaxing break is riding a donkey. Feeling refreshed, he’s soon back in the ranks to test out some more myths. Joining up with a group of snipers, he finds out whether they can hit a small coin at long range, and whether a bullet flies differently at altitude. Before he gets his answers, however, he has to master the art of lying still. This should be easy, right?