In the Army Now

UFO hunting at Okno Surveillance Station – In the Army Now Ep.11

In this episode, Pavel is entrusted with putting one of the “astrotowers” into operation, while Anna is on duty in the control room, tasked with detecting satellites. Since “Okno” station’s powerful telescopes are constantly monitoring what’s going on in space, Pavel wants to know whether the soldiers have ever seen a UFO. Meanwhile, it is Anna who is barred from asking questions.

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Once night falls, Pavel and Anna go stargazing. This isn’t Anna’s only entertainment as the following day her fellow servicemen invite her to the cinema.

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The next morning, Pavel is on patrol when he is ambushed by unknown attackers. While being patched up in a local medical facility, he comes to the conclusion that the attack was masterminded by Anna. He goes in search of his journalist colleague, only to find that she’s also had to seek medical attention. Perhaps it’s time for Anna and Pavel to put their differences aside in order to make it through military service in this oppressively hot, high-altitude environment.