In the Army Now

Military survival test: Ambushed, shot at, and gassed – In the Army Now Ep.18

It’s day one of Anna and Pavel’s trial in the woods as the commanders of their “survival school” send recruits to spend a couple of days in the wilderness. They’ll have to learn to live off the grid while constantly staying on their guard. They’ll be ambushed, shot at and gassed. They will also have to walk and run for miles while carrying heavy ammunition.

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Anna and Pavel are about to learn why this place is called “survival school”. Both, male and female soldiers undergo this highly challenging endurance test together and no allowances are made for any of them. Anna and Pavel are doing their best to keep up with the rest of the team as they walk through the cold and damp forest, carrying heavy loads and trying not to get shot by a hiding enemy. They attempt to raise their spirits with an army song.

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Soon, however, their situation gets even worse when a sudden gas attack forces them to put on gas masks and protective clothes and march on while struggling to breath.  They’re not so much into singing now.

This training is no walk in the park! When finally allowed to stop, the exhausted recruits are put to work. They need to pitch up a camp. Dreaming of a nice sleep to restore their energy, they’re in for an unpleasant surprise.