In the Army Now

Inside Russia’s once-secret space surveillance station in Tajikistan – In the Army Now Ep.10

Pavel and Anna’s search for the most unusual Russian army units takes them abroad. Tajikistan used to be a Soviet Republic and is still host to the Russian space surveillance station “Okno”. The facility, whose name translates as “window”, was once a top secret military project. Its powerful telescopes, sheltering inside massive domes, scan space for satellites and other objects for monitoring and analysis.

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On joining the soldiers who serve there, they discover many of them live in spacious apartments with their families. The pleasant accommodation, together with the hot climate and beautiful scenery, make Anna imagine she’s on vacation. But the illusion doesn’t last long as the new recruits are soon faced with a gruelling training and team work exercise in one of the domes.

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First, however, Anna is tasked with a mission in an armoured vehicle. All is well until her squad is ambushed by gunmen, including Pavel toting a sniper rifle. Anna isn’t on the back foot for long, though – she has a grenade to pacify her pesky colleague.