Cameraman faints in maternity ward - Newborn Russia (E6)

It’s Natalia’s second pregnancy, her baby was planned and the soon-to-be mother and her husband can’t wait to see their child.  However, Natalia remembers her first childbirth as a nightmare and now she worries that her second could be just as bad.

Meanwhile, Maria’s big concern is her baby’ s health.  She works with autistic children and her own nephew is disabled, she can’t help thinking that her child might also suffer in some way too. She tries to dismiss such gloom laden thoughts and focuses on the exciting surprise to come, when she finds out if the new addition to her family is a son or daughter.

Svetlana is in the next maternity ward, it’s her second pregnancy and she’s expecting a little sister for her daughter. Even though she has already given birth once, she thinks her second time is harder than the first. Unusually though it’s not her who’s having the hardest time of all; our film crew normally remains well behind the scenes, but this time, they become part of the action, childbirth proves too much for one member, who faints in the delivery room!

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