Urgent C-section to save the lives of mother and child - Newborn Russia (E24)

Olga and her husband Anatoly have been trying for a baby for four years. In that time they’ve had many reasons to despair, but they remained positive and finally they achieved their miracle conception. Now they want to make the delivery as quick, safe and controlled as possible.

They decided a C-section was the best option for them. However, when the time for the operation comes, Olga is battling a fever. Her high temperature means doctors can’t operate, but the baby can’t tolerate its mother’s fever for too long.

Meanwhile, 31-year-old Oksana is expecting her first child with her husband Maksim. They’ve been together since their late teens. She was hoping to give birth naturally, but sudden complications left her doctors with no choice but to prepare an urgent C-section. In the operating theatre every second counts as Oksana’s condition could kill both her and the baby.