Vacuum extraction & vertical birth - Newborn Russia (E14)

Vitalia can’t wait to give birth. She is a week overdue and because of a difficult pregnancy has to spend time in the pathology department. Her boyfriend talked her into having a baby together but their relationship didn’t work out. Vitalia made a decision to leave him. Now the future father shows no interest in having the baby and Vitalia is preparing to become a single mom. Luckily her mother Tatyana is by her side, ready to offer help and support. Tatyana comes to the hospital to welcome her granddaughter into the world. The delivery process, however, turns out to be more challenging for Vitalia than anticipated, with the doctors having to use a vacuum extraction device.

Irina is 38 and having her first baby. She is a busy financial director at an international company, and she’s still hard at work just hours before she’s due to give birth. Irina didn’t plan to have children until she met her current husband. Now she’s looking forward to experiencing motherhood. A first pregnancy at her age, however, might lead to some complications, so she must stay composed during labour and follow her doctors’ instructions. The doctors give her the option of a vertical birth, which she decides to take up.

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