Do too many vitamins accelerate a baby’s growth? - Newborn Russia (E4)

Oksana is expecting a baby girl. According to her husband, Aleksey, the daughter will make their family complete, as they already have a boy. Oksana’s son can’t wait to meet his little sister and has already thought of a name for her – Zlata, meaning “golden”.

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Oksana’s husband decided to be by her side during childbirth, which turns out to be a difficult one. Oksana explains that she took vitamins throughout her pregnancy to help her baby grow. However, her baby is now way too big. Her doctor is the same one who delivered her first baby. He suggests Oksana should have an epidural but she’s reluctant to take up the offer.

Polina is 25 and expecting a boy. She told all her friends and relatives to go to church to pray for the labour to go well. Now she’s trying her best to give birth naturally, but her doctors tell her a C-section is needed. Polina has never had surgery before so she doesn’t know what the recovery process will be like. Still, she agrees to do what’s best for her baby.