A husband’s invaluable support - Newborn Russia (E21)

Lana, is 35 and having her first baby, a boy who she hopes, will look just like his father. The love of Lana’s life was the first man she’d ever met with whom she really felt that she wanted to have a child. But this is no storybook romance, he is already married with a family of his own. Lana says she’s content with the situation but has no idea how she’ll cope on her own with a new born baby.

At the other end of the spectrum we meet Nina; she has confidence in her ideal family. Husband and son, Aleksey and Matvey can’t wait to meet the new addition to their family. Matvey is making predictions about when his little brother will be born. His timing is wide off the mark which can be forgiven, he’s only 5 and doesn’t quite have a medical degree yet! 

Aleksey wants to be there to support his wife during childbirth. It will be his first time in a delivery room but he’s sure he’ll cope. Nina is confident, that being a good mom is so much easier when there’s a good dad around. With her husband by her side, cracking jokes and providing massage, Nina is sure that her second childbirth will go much more easily than the first.