A sports journalist couple use teamwork to get through labour - Newborn Russia (E44)

Sports journalists Liana and Dmitry are a married couple who also work together. Liana’s pregnancy was unplanned, but she says she knew she was pregnant from the very beginning. Now she and Dmitry can’t wait to welcome their baby girl into the world and are already discussing what sports she’ll play. Dmitry is keen to be present at the birth. He wants to support his wife, but also make the most of the unique opportunity to see a new life come into the world.

Meanwhile, 36-year-old Yulia is expecting her third child from her third husband, Vitaly. The baby girl, who will be named Volga after the Russian river, will be their first child together. The couple used in-vitro fertilisation, and Volga was the only one of three embryos to survive. Yulia is anxious to avoid risk during the birth and, following her doctors’ advice, has agreed to a C-section.

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