Snowboard mom and a baby who can’t wait to be born - Newborn Russia (E15)

Yulia, 23, is a sports fan who can’t live without snowboarding. Being pregnant has meant abstaining from her favourite activities. Yulia has found pregnancy quite difficult; her baby had been at risk of a premature birth so she had to spend almost two weeks in hospital. No sooner was she discharged than went into labour and had to go straight back. Now she has to decide whether the pain relief from an epidural worth the potential complications.

Her mother in law, Olga, is there to support her. She is determined to help her son’s new family and to make sure young parents don’t have to make big lifestyle sacrifices to care for their child.

Meanwhile, Darya, 24 is about to give birth to her first child. Unfortunately, the young mother-to-be developed diabetes while pregnant and that could have consequences for the baby. Now Darya needs to put her baby’s needs first and follow all the doctors’ instructions no matter how painful and uncomfortable it may be.

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