Twin Surprise & a family of high flyers - Newborn Russia (E26)

Kristina and her husband Andrey live and work together. They are colleagues and work as flight attendants. Kristina is about to give birth to their baby, and she wants Andrey to be by her side now as well. Unfortunately for him, he finds this prospect much more frightening than flying over the ocean or anything else he’s ever done in his life. He feels sure he’ll faint, but decides it’s his duty to support his wife.

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Then, as he plucks up the courage to join his wife in the delivery room, Kristina decides to spare him the experience. However, by now Andrey is determined to go through with it. Meanwhile, the doctors are making bets on whether or not he’ll manage.

Lyudmila’s husband, sadly, won’t be able to visit her in the maternity hospital, but her sister, Olga, is there to support her. Lyudmila is expecting twins. However, she and her husband decided to keep that secret from the rest of the family, so her sister has no idea she’s about to become an aunt twice. Lyudmila is hoping she’ll give birth naturally, however, with twins this option is much less likely.