Newborn Russia: A surprisingly quiet maternity ward (E1)

Maria, 34, is getting ready for the early delivery of her second child. Her last baby was also delivered preterm so she’s a little concerned about how things will progress this time.

Another mum-to-be is 36-year-old Natalya who’s soon to experience labour for the first time. Despite warnings that giving birth at her age could be risky, she was determined to try and kept up her spirits throughout her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Anastasia, 29, can’t wait for her daughter to come into the world. She carefully follows all of the doctors’ instructions to the letter. Because it’s her second time in a maternity ward she seems quite calm.

All of the expectant mothers are in the safe hands of attentive anaesthetists, obstetricians, midwives and nurses, experienced medics who ensure the women have positive childbirth experiences and know when to breathe and when to push.