Two Annas, two new babies, two first-time mothers - Newborn Russia (E10)

In this episode, we meet two Annas. The young first-time expectant mothers are both carrying boys.  Neither has any idea yet what giving birth will be like and not knowing is making them nervous. Luckily, after being given epidurals to make the contractions more bearable, they manage to calm down a little.

Surrounded by experienced and empathetic doctors and midwives, the two young women are in good hands. Still, no one can do the hard and painful job for them. Neither needs surgery and both will experience natural childbirth. They must do their best to follow all the doctors’ instructions, no matter how hard it may seem. The safety and wellbeing of their babies is paramount, so they have no choice but to endure the discomfort. They focus on meeting their sons for the first time and, in anticipation of the joys of motherhood, find the stamina they need to get through it.

The two Annas’ cases appeared similar, but the physical and emotional aspects of their first-time birthing turn out to be very different, proving once again that, for every woman, having a baby is a truly unique experience.

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