Childhood sweethearts reunite, start a family - Newborn Russia (E12)

Ekaterina is 24 and she’s expecting a long-awaited first baby. As ultrasound was unable to show the baby’s gender, her relatives bought her future baby lots of presents in neutral colours. She explains her pregnancy hasn’t been easy, especially as her demanding and responsible job didn’t allow her to take proper maternity leave. Ekaterina can’t wait to give birth and find out if she has a son or a daughter.

27 year-old Natalya is not quite sure what gender her baby will be, either. She has already chosen both a boy’s and a girl’s name. She knows that a baby is a big responsibility, but as she has some experience of taking care of her niece, she is sure she’ll manage. Her husband Valery is even more excited to have his firstborn and become a parent – he’s overwhelmed with happiness and pride.

Victoria, 33, is having her first baby with her childhood sweetheart. The couple first met in nursery school. She says she never used to feel any particular affection for children, but her attitude has changed following her pregnancy. Now she is looking forward to becoming a mother.

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