Anaesthetic-free childbirth & the power of positive thinking - Newborn Russia (E3)

Ekaterina is having her third child. She is determined to give birth naturally and with no anaesthetic. She also aims to maintain a positive state of mind throughout. She had both of her previous children in the same maternity hospital and has already become friends with the staff. Familiar faces and surroundings make her feel calm and confident the delivery will go as planned. When choosing “Ian” as the name for her baby boy she considered the name’s meaning in many different languages. Ekaterina says her children are her absolute priority in life, with her career coming second.

For 23 year-old Marina, it’s the first pregnancy she decided to go through with. The baby’s father, however, disappeared from her life when he learnt she was expecting. So far, Marina has had a very hard life as she was orphaned at a young age and subsequently experienced a lot of abuse and neglect. However, her friends hope that motherhood will open a new chapter in her life and allow her to create her own family the way she wants it to be. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend suddenly starts to show an interest in the baby, and his mother comes to the hospital to take a look at her new-born granddaughter.

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