Trying to avoid a repeat of a traumatic first labour - Newborn Russia (E16)

Diana is about to have her third child. She’s going to have a C-section. As she’s had this procedure before, she knows what to expect and isn’t too worried. Still, she asks her husband, Aleksey, to be there to support her. The couple recently lost their four-year-old son to a vicious virus. They are still grieving their loss, but say that they probably wouldn’t be having their third child had they not experienced that tragedy. It will be a surprise baby as doctors are unable to tell them definitively whether it’s a girl or a boy. The mystery will be revealed only after the baby’s born.

In her maternity ward, Diana has made friends with Svetlana, who’s expecting her second child, a girl. Svetlana is hoping to avoid a C-section and give birth naturally. Her husband’s name is also Aleksey and he will also be present at the birth. Svetlana’s counting on his support. Her first time giving birth turned out to be traumatic for her baby and she’s now nervous of another bad experience. Despite the doctors’ concerns about Aleksey’s wellbeing, he is determined to stay by his wife’s side as his child comes into the world.

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