Inside the pathology department at a maternity hospital - Newborn Russia (E11)

Margarita is deaf and mute after contracting a childhood infection. Her husband, Vladimir has been deaf since birth. This is Margarita’s second pregnancy and the baby is expected to be healthy and without hearing difficulties. However, her disability will present the doctors with a challenge when it comes to giving her instructions during labour.

Darya is 22 and having her first child. During her pregnancy she contracted a kidney infection that landed her in the pathology ward. The situation turned out worse than Darya thought and her baby will have to be born prematurely. For that, an urgent C-section is needed.

Tatiana also has health issues: she had a cold while pregnant. Now she and her baby need extra attention. Tatiana already has one child, but as he’s 14, she can barely remember giving birth, so this will feel just another ‘first time’.

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