Little sisters for big brothers - Newborn Russia (E32)

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In this episode, two mothers of young sons are looking forward to giving birth to baby daughters who will complete their families.

31-year-old Natalya is mentally preparing to have a C-section. She has already had the procedure once and it went well. Still, reading a list of possible complications makes her nervous. She’d prefer to give birth naturally and hopes her husband will convince the doctors not to operate. He, on the other hand, thinks it best to follow the experts’ advice. Only time will tell, and she will make the ultimate decision to sign the release form.

Meanwhile, 33-year-old Irina is also expecting a second child. She’s planning to give birth naturally, just as she did before. Her first labour was quick and easy and she is confident her second childbirth will be even less trouble. Nevertheless, she enlists the help of her husband, Alexey, who will be present during the childbirth to give her moral support.

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In modern Russia, life usually begins in state maternity hospitals; run by medical experts who deliver new babies into the world. RT Doc takes you inside the labour ward to meet expecting mothers, nerve wracked fathers and the men and women who devote their lives to delivering children and facing any challenge that come their way.

Pregnancy and birth may be the greatest of life’s miracles but the babies don’t always read the plan! Some births go smoothly but others can be a challenging, emotional and frightening experience for a mother to be. Each case is different and requires an individual approach. Russia’s highly experienced and attentive doctors and midwives are there to help, often with ‘tough love’. They assist women at every step, providing medical and moral support and taking care of the newborn Russians.

In the Soviet era, husbands were never allowed into the delivery room, but now the practice has become more common. Men whose nerves can take it are welcomed to see their child coming into the world and offer their partners emotional support. In many cases though, it’s the men who end up needing support.

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The series captures the miracle of childbirth and shares the stories of women preparing to welcome a new life into their homes and hearts. Each one has a unique and touching background story to her impending motherhood. Some are happy wives and mothers, others are expecting a love child from a clandestine relationship. Some of the pregnancies were planned, others came as a huge surprise but were seen through to the end even though it could mean the end for romance. Then there are the heartrending stories of parents who have tried for a baby for years and are finally rewarded with the joys of parenthood; some are first-time moms, others already have children and know what to expect from childbirth.

The series has it all, overdue pregnancies, premature and natural births and Caesarean sections, everything you could possibly want to know about child-birth complete with dramatic relationships and the fears and joys of becoming a mother – “Newborn Russia” on RT Doc.

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