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Are reindeer and huskies really part of Russian Army transport? – In the Army Now Ep.03

Pavel joins a group of female soldiers for combat first aid training. While learning to help the wounded, he also finds out what attracted the women to this freezing military outpost. After training, he joins Anna to taste-test the delights of the army field kitchen, where they also learn how many calories a day soldiers should consume to survive in the wilderness.

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After a hearty outdoor meal, Pavel and Anna resume their military training. This time they are taught close-combat skills. Though initially intimidated by the brutal moves showcased by their battle-seasoned instructors, they pluck up the courage to try some of the techniques themselves. As a result, Anna is able to disarm Pavel in an exercise where he brandishes a knife.

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Anna and Pavel leave their biggest adventure for last, however. They want to find out whether it’s really true that the Arctic Regiment uses reindeer and husky dogs for travel purposes. Pavel goes in search of the reindeer, while Anna tries to ride a Siberian dog sled. This episode also reveals which of these animals have the more imaginative names.

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