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Flat blades & flatbread in Kabachi: The town that armed the ancient world - Taste of Russia Ep. 22

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Our ‘gastronauts’ continue exploring Russia’s Republic of Dagestan and­­­ ­ a town whose name literally means ‘chainmail’ – Kabachi. In ancient times, this place nestled in the Caucasus Mountains was heralded for forging some of the finest steel weapons and armour in the world. Alexander the Great’s helmet is rumoured to have been made here! In modern times, Kabachi is still famous for its quality knives, as well as jewellery and silverware.

Shashlyk recipe
Shashlyk recipe

After checking out the town’s spectacular ancient sites and scenery, Oscar and Glen visit a local swordsmith and find out what it takes to make a hand struck blade that can hold an edge and split a hair. Then, at the home of a local silversmith, they try their hands at making a special Dagestani flatbread called chudu. At the end of the day, they sit down for a Dagestani feast, which includes, of course, shish kebabs – the king of dishes in the southern Caucasus.

Chudu recipe
Chudu recipe

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