Taste of Russia

Borodino II: French Onion Soup & Buckwheat Kasha on the battlefield - Taste of Russia Ep.11

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Oscar and Glen visit Borodino, the scene of a showdown between the armies of Napoleon and Russian Tsar Alexander I in 1812 that proved a turning point in the fortunes of the French emperor. Today, reenactors faithfully recreate the epic battle with authentic uniforms, weapons and, of course, food. 

Borodino Onion Soup recipe
Borodino Onion Soup recipe

To get them into the spirit of the times, Glen tries on the French heavy cavalry officer’s uniform and Oscar learns to shoot a period rifle. Then, the friends face off in a battlefield cooking competition. Oscar makes French onion soup as it would have been prepared by Napoleon’s troops and Glen gets a lesson on making a classic Russian army dish: buckwheat kasha with meat.

Buckwheat Kasha recipe
Buckwheat Kasha recipe

Whose dish did the troops salute? It’s all in Taste of Russia, Episode 11!

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