Taste of Russia

Sochi salads and smoothies: Healthy living in Russia’s sports capital - Taste of Russia Ep. 29

Glen and Oscar continue to explore Russia’s sports capital, Sochi. After the previous episode’s eating marathon, the ‘gastronauts’ are determined to engage in some healthy activities. They begin with skiing and snowboarding at one of the area’s premier ski resorts, which was specially built for the 2014 Winter Olympics. However, when Oscar gets to the bottom of the mountain, he can’t find Glen anywhere and begins to suspect that his friend isn’t as proficient at snowboarding as he claimed.

Afterwards, Glen checks out the world’s longest suspended walkway, from which you can take the world highest unguarded bungee jump. The bridge offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains with the Black Sea in the distance and a dizzying look straight down into a 207-metre deep gorge.

Olympic Champion Smoothie recipe
Olympic Champion Smoothie recipe

Later, the pair head to the Olympic Park to see the Sochi Autodrome, where a professional driver literally takes Oscar and Glen for a spin.

Sochi Salad recipe
Sochi Salad recipe

After all the excitement, Oscar offers to make Glen a healthy dinner. With the help of a local chef, he makes his friend a vitamin-packed meal featuring two local specialities: the Sochi Salad and Olympic Champion Smoothie.

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