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Making Greek Salad à la Russe & Stolen Lamb for a ‘small’ Greek dinner party - Taste of Russia Ep.12

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Few people know that Russia is home to a large Greek population.  The diaspora settled in the Caucuses after the Russo-Turkish wars in the late 18th century. In the city of Esentuki, home to Russia’s largest Greek community, Oscar bumps into a good friend – actor, director and Greek, Yanets – who invites the pair to a small family dinner party that evening.

Greek Salad a la Rus recipe
Greek Salad a la Rus recipe

Not wanting to show up emptyhanded, Oscar and Glen set off in search of some dishes to bring to their host’s table. They go to a local bakery, where they learn to make Greek bread on an industrial scale. Then, they rustle up some vegetables from a local farm, where Oscar even gets to drive an ancient tractor. With fresh ingredients in hand, the pair learns to prepare two of the region’s classic Greek dishes: Greek Salad à la Russe and Stolen Lamb.

Kleftiko Lamb recipe
Kleftiko Lamb recipe

Will there be enough food to go around? Taste of Russia Episode 12. 

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