Taste of Russia

A Hot Orange Bath for Donald Duck - Taste of Russia Ep. 23

Oscar and Glen find themselves in the picturesque hamlet of Tarusa, a historical conservation area on Russia’s heritage register. After strolling down a charming street lined with one-storey wooden houses, the ‘gastronauts’ walk along the bluffs overlooking the Tarusa River. While taking in a view once painted by some of Russia’s most renowned artists, Oscar decides it’s the perfect place to find a duck – and eat one.

But first, they have to shoot it! Luckily, they run into the owner of Russia’s only private gun manufacturer, who offers to help. After taking a tour of his factory, the friends choose a weapon for the hunt. They consider the most accurate rifle in the world that can hit a bullseye at 4,210 metres but are warned it would just blow the bird to bits. Oscar and Glen have great fun target shooting and running around in the woods playing Rambo, before finally bagging their duck.

Tarusa Duck Roast recipe
Tarusa Duck Roast recipe

To cook the duck, they go to a local restaurant owned by world-famous Italian sculptor and mosaicist Marco Bravura, who is kind enough to show them some of his amazing work. Afterwards, the ‘gastronauts’ sit down to a feast of roast orange duck stuffed with apples with their new gunsmith friend. The trio agrees – it certainly hits the mark.