Taste of Russia

Patriot: Playing soldier and making appetisers for ‘real men’ - Taste of Russia Ep.15

Oscar and Glen are at Russia’s Patriot Park. The huge military theme park outside Moscow is a perfect place for a picnic in the rain, where the gastronomic adventurers compare Russian and American field rations, or MREs.

Then they take in some of the park’s many exhibitions featuring Russian and Soviet military hardware. They start out by trying their hands at shooting WWII-era rifles, and even have a chance to pop some rounds from a real Soviet submachine gun. Then it’s time for boys to be boys, and Oscar and Glen engage in a fierce laser-tag battle with real semi-automatic rifles.

After taking a timeout to make ‘guerrilla bread’, they learn about the Red Army’s legendary ‘polutork’, a truck based on Ford’s model AA. They also compare military motorcycles, including Harley Davidson’s WLA-Liberator and the Soviet Union’s art-deco PMZ-A-750. Of course, they also take some time to check out the tanks.

Partisan Bread recipe
Partisan Bread recipe

Having worked up a hearty appetite, Oscar takes Glen and their freshly baked loaves of bread to an idyllic spot on the complex, a ‘guerrilla village’, where he shows him how to make appetisers fit for a real soldier.

Patriot Park Appetisers recipe
Patriot Park Appetisers recipe

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