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Russia’s Dagestan: From khinkal in the Caucasus Mountains to fish from the Caspian Sea - Taste of Russia Ep. 21

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Oscar and Glen head to the remote highlands of Russia’s exotic Dagestan to check out village life and the cuisine. They make a local version of khinkal, a favourite Caucasian dish similar to dumplings. All they need is flour, water, and meat, but it’s more difficult than expected. To get the water, Glen takes a donkey ride to the local spring. Things take an even stranger turn when the pair find the meat hanging as a big slab drying on the side of a house… next to the cow pats used as fuel! But in the end, everything turns out grand, and the ‘gastronauts’ pronounce the result ‘delicious’.

Lak Khinkal recipe
Lak Khinkal recipe

Then the pair is whisked from the mountains down to the seashore, where they explore an ancient fortress in the oldest surviving city in modern Russia, Derbent. Afterwards, they learn to make a special local delicacy, lyavenge, made from katum, a fish found only in the Caspian Sea.

Lyavenge recipe
Lyavenge recipe

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