Taste of Russia

Farm life ain’t for everyone - Taste of Russia Ep. 20

Oscar and Glen find themselves in one of the most picturesque and historical places in Russia, Sergiyev Posad. This small town 75 kilometres from Moscow is home to one of the most revered monasteries in Russia, the UNESCO-protected Trinity Sergius Lavra, which was founded in the 14th century. Today, this Golden Ring town set amidst beautiful countryside also boasts many quaint cafes and shops, making it popular with tourists as well as worshippers.
Sitting over a cup of tea in a local restaurant, Oscar tells Glen how, traditionally, Russians drink tea with jam, rather than sugar. So, being in the ideal location, the pair sets off to gather berries so that they can make their own. Glen is surprised to see how much sugar goes in.

Black Currant Jam

They also visit a local farm, where they pick cucumbers to pickle. The pair even gets a chance to milk a goat. Oscar picks up the knack right away, but Glen quickly understands that he isn’t cut out for farm life. Then they get a lesson on how to pack a perfect pint of pickles.

They finish their outing by learning how to make a special breakfast dish with berries and oatmeal. Harbouring a childhood hatred of oatmeal, Oscar is sceptical, but the result truly amazes him.

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