Taste of Russia

The last supper: Eating bear and frozen fish in Siberia’s snow capital, Khanty-Mansiysk - Taste of Russia Ep. 30

Oscar and Glen are in Khanty-Mansiysk, the snow capital of Siberia. Though Glen never made it up to Naryan-Mar to visit Oscar above the Arctic Circle in episodes 24 and 25, he gets a good taste of a Russian winter here… and the Florida native is not at all sure he likes it.

They begin by trying freeze-dried fish. This Siberian delicacy involves taking a frozen fish, repeatedly bashing it with a wooden club, sprinkling it lightly with salt, and eating it with a healthy dose of vodka. Though Oscar seems exhilarated by the experience, Glen finds it utterly disgusting.

Bear Stew recipe
Bear Stew recipe

Afterwards, Glen undergoes biathlon training, and Oscar soaks in a thermal spring, while temperatures plunge to -18°C. Meanwhile, the film crew watches a local granny make bread in an outside wood-fired clay oven, and is thrilled with the results.

Finally, it’s time for our ‘gastronauts’ to create their final dish – bear stew. Glen is taken aback at the prospect, and Oscar is shocked to learn bear meat must be marinated for two to three days before it can be used. At their last meal together, Glen announces that having eaten bear, it’s time for him to go back to Miami to open his Russian restaurant.